How it works?

See POISON's capabilities on YouTube:

  • Ring3 Rootkit
  • x86 and x64 Shellcode Injection
  • Custom GetProcAddress
  • Custom CRT
  • Manual DLL Mapping


  • All features of WARZONE RAT

    WARZNE RAT POISON contains all features of WARZONE RAT and multiple premium features exclusive to POISON edition.

  • Hidden Process

    Process invisible in Task Manager and Process Hacker.

  • Hidden File

    File invisible in Windows Explorer.

  • Hidden Startup

    Startup invisible in Registry, MSCONFIG, Task Manager.

  • HRDP & Browsers Hijack

    Hijack browser data in the remote session.
    Cookies, profiles, bookmarks.
    Supported browsers: Chrome, Firefox, IE, Edge.

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3 Months$879
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